We are passionate about what we do because

We believe that any business, no matter the size, can have the same, or better, impact on a potential consumer as a large box brand.

The market is a battleground, and we help small brands thrive by ensuring they stand-out in a crowd.

We promote your business through

logos, websites, ads, print material,
marketing strategies,branded environments,
traditional and digital advertising campaigns,
social media engagements and media relations.


WordPress | Website and Mobile App developer, SEO and Logo Design Modern websites tell a story beautifully on all devices. Everyone has an iPhone or Android smartphone. Customers have more options and are more demanding than ever before. All these factors make it critical that your website delivers a compelling story in a format that is tailored for each device type.

Graphic Design

We are committed to empower customers with unique ideas and experiments through a broad way of our services. We create the right image for your company is crucial. The image you portray to the world is a powerful message you are sending regarding your company’s philosophy and professionalism. If you are looking to expand your business or want to increase your clientele, you have to give a good impression.

Brand Identity

A brand is a name, term, design, symbol or other feature that distinguishes one seller’s product from those of others. Let us help you create your identity they way you want to be perceived.


WordPress allows you to update content easily wordpress is a system that will let you edit your content in an interface that looks like Microsoft Word. Your website will be powered by WordPress so you can update your content whenever the inspiration strikes or the need arises. Mobile ready design will rearrange itself to look great on smartphones. Your website will change its size and layout to display itself in the best possible way based on the size of the screen it is being viewed on.

Aerial Photography

• Weddings
• Corporate Events
• Real Estate: Commercial & Residential
• Flights both indoors and outdoors
• Inspections at Remote Sites

Our Latest Work

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See what some of our clients had to say about their experience with Boji Workz

When United Real Estate Solutions began researching form management platforms, we turned to Jeff Krage of Bojiworkz. It was clear that the off‐the‐shelf forms products did not fully satisfy our needs. Our Brokerage and Sales Associates are licensed in three states, which adds some complexity to forms management, because each state has different requirements for forms. Our forms solution needed not only to complete the forms in a professional manner but also needed to select the proper forms. Our customized form management platform is a questionnaire completed by our Sales Associate. The response to the questions not only complete the forms, but select the proper forms and suppress unnecessary forms. This has significantly increased the efficiency of our team and the accuracy of the documents chosen and completed. A missing signature or initial were among the most common reason for rejected documents by our back‐office document compliance staff. Jeff aided us in creating color‐coded highlights that direct the Buyers and Sellers on the appropriate placement of signatures and initials on each form. This also assists our Sales Associates in the placement of signature flags when obtaining digital signatures using DocuSign. This has reduced the incidents of missing signatures and initials.Jeff worked diligently to engineer the platform to our complete satisfaction. Since the completion of our original scope, he has enthusiastically assisted us as we have expanded the functionality of the platform. We could not be more pleased. Kevin A.McManamy President United Real Estate Solutions, Inc.

Kevin McNamamy President